I know.... I'm a couple days early. DD#2 and I are just about packed and ready to head to the desert for the holiday. We have electricity at our trailer but no phone or cable connections so I stopped by to wish everyone a wonderous New Year! I've been thinking a lot the last few days about accomplishments from 2007 and planning ahead to 2008. Since my laptop will be with me so DD#2 can watch a couple movies, I might commit some of those thoughts to a file to share later.

I'm taking a couple tops with me... all they need are borders for the tops to be complete. That should help, if my name starts near the top of the Stashbusters UFO list next month. *g* I also want to report I finished step 4 of Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads project last night. After steps with 100 and 80 blocks each, this one went quick. It probably would have gone quicker if I hadn't taken apart a few of the extra/leftover blocks I had made for steps 2 & 3. I'm running out of a couple of my greens and this way I was able to have a variety and use up the leftovers too. Yay!

Have a fun & safe celebration and I'll catch up with everyone next year. ;cD


Tracy said…
Your colors are so beautiful. I especially love the triangles. Have fun in the desert!
Helen in the UK said…
Congrats on finishing Step 4. I'm hoping to get mine done New Years Day ... wish me luck with those triangles :)

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