Music of the Night or... Let's make a deal

Do you have little voices in your head that tell you if you should or shouldn't do something? I know I do.... my own Jiminy Cricket and Tinker Bell. This morning I read Bonnie Hunter's post about her latest project and how other readers of her blog asked if it could be a mystery quilt project. She's agreed to post the steps as she works through it.

Back to Jiminy and Tink. I LOVE mystery quilts. The faith factor appeals to me, I guess. So Jiminy pipes up with "You have 25 UFO's and WIP's waiting their turn. You do not need to start another project." Tink's come back was "You love everything you've seen Bonnie do and you LOVE mystery quilts. You can do this. Besides, you are trying to bust stash." While they were bantering back and forth, I took a look through my stash to see if anything jumped out. "Silly girl, of course you can find several combos that will work."

Long story short, Tink and Jiminy forged a compromise. With the exception of the initial cutting (light issue), I can only work on this project after 9:30pm...after I've gotten my work for the day done. Here are the fabrics I'll work with. My stash is very heavy in the green dept., there is a whole bolt of Kona red and the lights are warm pieces from my music collection. Plus I'm a Phantom fan...LOL ... so The Music of the Night kind of fits. Now if I can just keep up with speedy Bonnie.


Bonnie said…
Oh yes! besides these are Christmas colors and they will help get you in the mood!! :cD

Welcome Aboard!

Sweet P said…
Ooh, I love those fabric choices and the title of the quilt. I can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.
Helen in the UK said…
I like your colour choices. It will be interesting to see all the different colour schemes as they come together :)

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