My weekly stashbusting report


I don't know why I'm a bit disappointed because this really isn't a bad report. I guess it's just not as good as I hoped.

  • I cut up some more stash for part 2 of Bonnie's mystery quilt... probably 1.5 yds
  • I got the OBW quilt quilted, labeled and binding stitched on. Just need to do the binding handwork.
  • none. I did not fall off the no buy wagon (or sleigh as some gals are calling it *g*)
So.... I'm going in the right direction. And baby steps are good!


Randi said…
Yep, nothing to be disappointed about. You did good this week!
Vicki W said…
That's not bad at all! You should feel pleased!
JudyL said…
I love seeing no negatives! Great report.
Tracy said…
You are doing great! Good job staying on the wagon/sleigh!
Helen in the UK said…
Achieving anything in the stashbusting game is tricky this time of year. You didn't buy and you've nearly got a finish - congrats :)

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