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So much for posting later on Sunday. What can I say.... I'm easily distracted. :c) I finished the day watching the Chargers win their football game (wow...that was unexpected) and catching up with a friend just back from a cruise. I did finish the mystery quilt unit 1 blocks.

I also got the binding and label attached on WWF. I just have binding handwork left and UFO #1 will be done. The Stashbuster's 2008 UFO list was posted today. I'm about 1/3 the way down on the list. Sounds like my first finish will be just in time.

So, back to my LA machine problems. Here is a photo of some of the stitching before I frogged. See the zig zaggyness to the stitching in the white stripe? Any guesses what caused that? I can share a little more info.... with hopes someone else out there has some ideas or experience that could help.

My machine is a Gammill Optimum Plus with stitch regulator. I purchased it in February/March 2003. It runs on a 12' table. The floor in my workroom is commercial grade linoleum tiles on concrete. The floor is not level... it's a patio sunroom... so we used shims to level the legs of the table. Let's see, what other info might help? .... I used Permacore thread here, if that matters.

I know what made the zig zag effect. With the stitch regulator enabled and me working from the back on a panto I get the most annoying vibration at the ideal speed. (slower and I can't get nice even curves - faster and I loose accuracy) The zig zag is from the vibration. My DH, who is pretty good at trouble shooting machinery problems thinks it is related to the table and not the head.... mainly the inadequate bracing on the table. It does seem to happen more often when the heaviest part of the head hangs over the edge of the table. Can anyone tell us if we are on the right track? I've tried discussing this with my dealer via phone with no luck. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

I talked to my aunt quilty today. I will be leaving here Friday morning after rush hour traffic has subsided and rolling on up the highway to Road to California. Several guild members and friends will be there Friday PLUS I'm just learning about several gals I've "met" online who will be there too. This is going to be so fun! I won't be staying the full day Friday... I want to get to my aunt's place in the San Berdu mountains before 5 pm. Actually I want to meet her at the thrift store she volunteers at with hopes of finding some good deals on cotton shirts a la Bonnie Hunter. Heehee. Saturday morning she and I will head back down the hill and spend a full day at the show. I've made a shopping list with hopes that will keep me on the straight and narrow in the NOT purchasing fabric dept. Wish me luck.

PS.... maybe I should be careful at Lynn's A-1 booth too.... considering my frustrations with the machine vibration ...LOL


Suzanne Earley said…
I got my Gammill in 2001 and had vibration, but nothing that caused the zig-zags like you showed. Yuck.

I'm assuming you have the newer needlebar? Have you changed out the wheels?

I'm sure that part of Gammill's answer will be "Don't quilt at that speed" which really isn't very helpful.

If I recall correctly, some people added a leg to the center of the table to help.

(And we'll try not to be too tempting in the A-1 booth....VBG)

Oh! I have a question for you that is completely unrelated to your blog or quilting. I'll e-mail you separately...
Ruthie said…
Have fun at Road..........I'll make it there someday.
I have awarded you the "You Make My Day Award! on my blog.
Mary said…
I also had a some vibration with my Classic + ; changed to the newer needlebar and wheels that Suzanne mentioned but I also never had it effect my stitches like this.

I have a little vibration with the Premier + at times but nothing that causes a problem.

Hope you can figure it out.

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