Back home and inspired

I LOVE quilt shows, from the smallest guild show to those the size of Road to California. (I've never been to Houston :cP but I'm sure I would love it too.) No matter what the size, I always find something to inspire me. I'm kind of glad I had two days at Road.... one to myself and one with my aunt. On day one I wandered with no real plan of attack. I saw some of the amazing quilts and vendors, ran into so many people I knew AND met some online ladies in person. That was a treat! Suzanne and Lynn (and Lynn's DH Scott) were so great as I pestered them with many questions about the A-1 Longarm. LOL ... I did feel like a pest but they were so helpful. Thanks ladies! And Judy L .... it was a special treat to meet her too. I was so excited, I got a bit tongue tied and had a hard time explaining who I was. Heehee. That's just me, much more comfortable with the written word.

Day two was spent with my mom's younger sister. It's become a tradition that we spend one day together at Road, one that I have come to cherish. It's always fun to see quilts through her eyes. And she was very helpful keeping me on the straight and narrow, in the fabric acquisition dept. =) In fact, I came home with only a couple small pieces of batik and I would not have even bought those if I had not been required to, in order to get a pattern.

I'm home now and anxious to put my twist to some ideas I saw. But first things first. Quilt a customer quilt and complete an applique block for our guilds next opportunity quilt.


Suzanne Earley said…
It was so lovely to meet you Karen! I wish I could tell you that the boys loved their hats, but unfortunately, my luggage didn't make it out of Denver yesterday. hopefully I'll have a report (and pictures) tonight.

And no, you were definitely NOT a pest. VBG
Mary said…
Quilt shows are fun! Deb and I went to MQS last year for the first time and had a blast - I got to meet Judy in person too.

We're going again this year and I hope we get to meet lots of other quilters in person that we've come to know online.
Ginger Patches said…
Oh good you got your pattern! It was fun running into you :)

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