Counter Attack Monday

Well..... it's Monday, but I've attacked a lot more than just counters (for all you Stashbusters). *grin* I did it. I sorted and purged a good share of the hall bookshelves. The recycle cart is full and the trash cart is 3/4 full. I have 3 boxes of books (1 box children's books for my school librarian friend, 2 boxes for the public library "friends of the library" group.) There is also a pile of other misc. items that will be heading to the thrift shop. I did end up rearranging the location of various groups of books on the shelves and I think the new layout will be very workable. I mean, anything is better than digging through bins for books or various piles of magazines for something specific but I positioned the titles at eye level etc.

I guess it is good news I don't have as many quilting books as I thought. LOL.... how many books do you really need? Actually, there are a couple I would like to add and now I won't feel guilty seeing how I'll be able to find things when I need them. And just in time for Road to California. *grin*

In addition to the books and magazines moving to their new home, my PIGS and UFO's are sorted and stored in large, see through bins, all the fabric that has come to live with me recently (legally... either gifts or legal buys) is washed and in the stash cabinets and my flat surfaces - cutting table, sewing cabinet and side table are much, much cleaner. All I can say is it sure feels good and now I really want to start sewing up a storm.

Speaking of storms..... our west coast storm has moved east but there were enough clouds left behind for this amazing sunset tonight. This is the view from my workroom window but I have a feeling my good friend Patty has a better one. She's scheduled to leave the bay on a cruise ship for Mexico as I snapped this.

I do have some sad news though. The shoe tree in Balboa Park was a casualty of the storm. The winds were just too much for all those wet shoes.


Lynn Douglass said…
Hey, Karen, are you going to be at Road? If so, stop by the A-1 booth and introduce yourself! I'll be there with my husband, Scott, and Suzanne Earley too! I'd love to meet you!

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