Desert Quilting progress

First of all, I apologize for no photos. I intended to get a photo of the top I completed while at our desert trailer. The ideal light for snapping photos on my front porch is 4pm ish. Unfortunately I did not get home till much later. I could snap just a portion of the top draped over the longarm but it wouldn't do this quilt justice. I will try again tomorrow but will be at the mercy of the weather..... we are expecting rain at some point tomorrow pm. The quilt is one of Judy L's Quilt For An Hour patterns. It's the same one Mary called her Ice Cream Quilt. I added all the borders in Judy's original pattern, all 7 of them. The borders add so much to the quilt. I promise a photo soon. The back is prepared so it will be loaded on Wanda in the near future. The best part is I will have my first UFO completion for 2008. Yay!

The reason I was late getting home and not able to photograph the quilt was a shopping trip to Rosie's Calico Cupboard. I know, I know.... I'm on No Buy. But all my purchases were legal, and cheap to boot. I got pieces of flannel for two backs and a couple pieces for borders. Most of it was a $1/yd. The most I paid was $2/yd. Gotta love Rosie's special sales!


Ruthie said…
Sure wish I was close enough to visit Rosies!

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