Justifying time on the internet

As my interest in blogging has grown, so has the breadth of other internet interests. I would feel guilty adding another new blogger to my favorites list thinking I can't even keep up with those on the list already. Add a couple (ok.. a few) groups and forums and I was spending way too much time online..... and not getting my own projects done. So I ended up abandoning a couple of the groups .... but I missed them!

The good news is I've finally found a combination of things that work. A couple weeks ago I read a step by step process for subscribing to a "feed" service on another blog. (Susan Italo.. here is her post.) I had heard people speak of them but being the tech challenged person I am, had no clue where to start. Thank you Susan... now I don't have to visit dozens of blogs (via rings or my favs) to see what's new. Now when I log on I'm told which ones have new posts. That has saved so much time that I can comment more and go back to a couple of the groups. Yay for technology!

Funny connection..... this morning I subscribed to a couple of bulletin services from my daughter's high school. This should help us with deadlines. Double YAY!


Helen in the UK said…
Congrats to your on finding a workable solution. I couldn't keep up with things without using Bloglines :)
Susan Italo said…
Karen, I'm so glad you found my post to be helpful!

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