M & M & M

3 M's.....

Later today I will post about the following M's:

Machine....more specifically problems I've had from day one with my LA. I love Wanda and I don't think the problem is with her per se, but with the table and because of her size, how she sits on it. I'm hoping a few of you out there will be able to help or guide me to a solution.

Music.... or why I haven't had as much time to quilt this week as I would have liked. I'm passionate about music in schools and things I've found out this week have my blood boiling. Wish you could see the t-shirt I'm wearing right now....I picked it up at a Field Tournament a couple years ago. In big bold letters on the front it says "Music Is Not An Option." Stay tuned. ;c)

This post is about Bonnie's Mystery Quilt AND stashbusting/UFO progress for the week.
  • I cut up scraps/leftovers and cleaned off my cutting table. Probably not more than a yard total. Those went to live in the string or scrap bins.
  • I had two guild meetings this week. The BOM's for next month are done and ready to go. (One was 3 - 9 patch blocks, the other 2 rail blocks - hence no photos. ;c)) Fabric was either provided or pulled from scraps and stash.
  • Did not purchase fabric! Woo hoo. Did win a bundle of 4 green batik fat quarters at the Sunshine guild meeting. Oh darn. ;c)
  • Machine quilted my QFAH quilt. I love the way the panto Waterworld looks on it. I did spend some time frogging.... that will be the subject of another post, mentioned above. While quilting it, a fun name came to me. The batik blues and greens remind me so much of the ocean I live next to but they are overshadowed a bit by the white/lt gray batik so....this quilt is "White With Foam." :c) All it needs is binding and a label and UFO #1 for 2008 is done.
  • Finished step #5 on the mystery quilt and am half way through step #6. Here is what block #1 looks like. I still need to sew some of the units together but you get the idea. :c) Want to have that done before I leave for Road to California later this week. Please .... send all your powers to resist temptation my way.... I will need them as I stroll through the vendors at Road. LOL
I am a bit disappointed that I missed several days in the blog posting department. That IS one of my goals - to try and post each day. Ah well.... I'll keep trying.



Vicki W said…
You are right, waterworld looks great on your QFAH quilt! Congrats on the stash report too!
Mary said…
I also like Waterworld on this quilt and your Mystery block looks great!
Randi said…
You got a lot accomplished, Karen! I love you QFAH quilt, and waterworld does look great on it!

I am surfing the CC Mystery web ring and loving it!

Your Ohio Stars are gorgeous!


Ginger Patches said…
I like your new header--cute kitties. Your mystery block looks great, I'm kinda wishing I had fewer prints in mine, I like how your solid red looks with your prints.

Well good luck with the not buying at Road to Ca. I don't envy you that :) I would say if you can do that you can do anything!
Jeanne said…
I love the way your mystery block looks. Your QFAH quilt is wonderful &
you get congrats for a good stash report.
I love your mystery colors. THey really make the star pop. What is a QFAH quilt? is there a pattern for it?

Kathy Wagner said…
Great star blocks!
Only 2 more days until we find out how to sew this quilt together!
Norma said…
"White With Foam" is gorgeous! The panto is perfect for this quilt, it really reminds me of the surf rolling up on shore.
Elaine Adair said…
What a great couple of quilts! Good job, and wonderful colors. NOW, I want to do them BOTH!
Alycia said…
I love the colors in your QFAH quilt! And you are doing well staying up with the mystery1

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