I mentioned a couple days ago that I've been working on getting my surroundings more organized. Well, yesterday I put in some time in the hallway bookshelves area. So far I've been able to clean off a couple shelves. I think I'll do one or two more today then start to move my quilting books and magazines to the hall. Novel concept ... storing them on SHELVES. :cP Right now they are in bins and taking up most of the flat surface in my workroom.

Speaking of the workroom..... I worked on cleaning up my cutting table after reading Anita's Hints blog. Those few pieces are awaiting being cut into strips or smaller then it will be totally ready for the next project. It sure feels good to have at least one usable flat surface. Thanks for the inspiration Anita!

BTW .... that pillowcase at the end of the table is a permanent fixture. It's filled with batting and it makes the most awesome cat perch/bed. Da boyz love this room because of all the birds in the trees visible through those big windows.


SalemHouse said…
I also have "decoy" quilt-covered pillows in my sewing room for the cats. They want to be right there, and insisted on sitting on fabric. Dedicating a small quilt for their exclusive use suddenly made them willing to stay off of all of my in-progress fabric.
Mary said…
I decided today I need to organize a subset of my books too - my crazy quilt, embroidery, art books need their own shelf so I can find them easily!
mereth said…
What a gorgeous cutting area, it must be lovely to have that view, and the light coming in.No wonder the cats love it.
Everyone seems to be in the sorting, organising mode- I feel like I'm making good progress with my sewing room and projects.
Thank you for the nice mention of me in your blog. I'm glad to know I'm helping in some small way. I love your window!
scraphappy said…
I too am in a constant quest to improve my organization. I enjoyed following your link to Anita's Hint. Another site you might want to check out is FlyLady. They have lots of hints and tips for organizing your life 15 minutes at a time.

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