Success in 2008

I've spent some time yesterday and today thinking about what worked in 2007 and what I'd like to aim for in 2008. First a few thoughts about 2007.

Personally, I FINALLY (yes, speaking loudly) started to get my clutter under control. It's a long way from being totally reigned in but I am definitely heading in the right direction. If I had been born 30 years later, I probably would have been diagnosed with ADD. I have a tough time focusing but have discovered if there are fewer distractions (re. less clutter) I can focus better. Three problem rooms are much more peaceful now and I'm finding I want to add little decorator touches. The living room still needs some work but it's better. My workroom and our back hallway (doubles as a library with 12 feet of floor to ceiling bookshelves) are still out of control.

Personal relationships.... I have removed a monkey from my back by letting go of a relationship completely. The peace is wonderful!! I'm reading a book called Eat Pray Love by Liz Gilbert. In a recent interview, a friend of Liz's said something that really resonated with me. He said some soul sisters or soul mates are brought into our lives for a very short period with the purpose to stir us up. That is definitely the case here but I've been stirred enough, thank you!

Quilty progress....I know I got so much more done this year than in the past but the only thing I really tracked was the number of quilts quilted on the longarm. This year the number was 40. 27 were customer quilts... the rest were personal or charity quilts. I also joined the No Buy challenge on Stashbuster and have done really well with my commitment to shop my stash. Kinda goes with my "less is more" focus. I love the button Hanne created.... I will display it as a reminder!

For 2008.... I've got a new mantra. "What does success look like?"

I have a feeling visualizing that success will help me immensely. Here is what I think it will look like.
  • Cleaning up the hallway bookshelves and moving all my quilting books, magazines etc to their new home. This one project will free up so much space in the workroom and create a more organized working environment.
  • Organizing and purging more in the workroom.
  • Experimenting with daily schedules to maximize my business time.
  • Promoting my business more.
  • Continue to do some charity work 8-10 per year.
  • Shop my stash first!
  • Finish a minimum of 9 UFO's
  • Increase my physical activity and limit my food intake.
Success will come if I work smarter and stay focused!


Mary said…
Karen, good luck with your goals for 2008. I know some people don't like setting them but they help me know what I'm working toward.

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