Goin to the Show

LOL ... Not really, but I did get a call from the Padres yesterday. Petco Park is hosting a Rugby tournament this coming weekend. Staffing off season, non baseball events is a challenge for them... turn over is big between seasons. I asked if he needed me both days.... he said OH, Yeah! :c) So I'll probably be working 10+ hour days but it will be fun to catch up with some co-workers. Here is the gang at the end of last season. Yeah... a flight attendant type uniform.. :cP
edit: For non-baseball crazy people, "The Show" is a baseball term. When a minor league player gets called up to the majors, he's Going to the Show.

Have to share a smile story. DD2 is currently without her computer..... we are not sure what is wrong yet but have narrowed it down and are awaiting a recovery disk from the manufacturer. On the way home from school last Friday she asked if we were doing anything Saturday..... that phrasing tends to raise flags for me, LOL .... I said no. Then she asked if she could cook dinner for us. Turns out she was looking for something to do with her new found free time. I'm no dummy. I told her yes! The dinner was wonderful and the dessert looked great but when she got to the end of the recipe, she realized it had to sit in the frig overnight. Heehee. So the chocolate peanut butter cup cheesecake went to the super bowl party on Sunday instead. And got rave reviews to boot. I did tease her about disabling her computer in the future... with hopes of more tasty meals.

  • A sunny day
  • A job (or two) I enjoy
  • Kids who cook
  • Yummy blueberries on my cereal.


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