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At Christmas, one of the decorations I like to display is a little lighted village set. The Mau breeder warned us that they were climbers and liked high places. So it really wasn't a surprise that Miles found a way to make room for himself. LOL

If you've visited my blog before, you know we have a soft spot in our hearts for furry critters. Miles is the youngest. The three other kitties in the header photo above are all shelter kitties, the orange one being the oldest at approx 6 yrs.

We also have one dog, Snoopy, a small, under 20 lbs Terrier mix. Snoopy adopted us too but not through a shelter. He was our neighbor's dog. We had a German Shepherd at the time and Snoopy would escape his yard and come over to play with Trevor. I took him back one day and the neighbor said she thought her brother had taken him to the shelter because they were going to have to get rid of him. (She has 5 small kids and was going through a divorce at the time.) So Snoop came to live with us and he and Trevor were BEST buds till Trevor passed.

At that point, Snoop became my shadow. I should back up a bit..... Trevor and Snoop were mainly outdoor dogs. They had an over 1/4 acre fenced space to run and chase critters, a covered patio, dog houses etc. We live in a mild climate so it worked for them and us. (Our house backs up to a canyon and we had problems with trespassing and theft.) Having Snoop as my shadow in the house wasn't that big a deal after Trevor was gone.... we've had inside dogs before BUT.... because of the location of the cat food and litter boxes, Snoop was .... how do I put this delicately?.... ingesting things he shouldn't. It really messed up his digestion. We couldn't put a animal door in the door to the laundry room because he could get through anything the cats could. So ..... he's been confined to my workroom, which is fine when I'm in there but he can't be my shadow when I'm not.... Last week I had a brainstorm and asked my DH Bruce if it was feasible. We had a pretty rainy weekend and Bruce couldn't work on his dune buggy outside, so this is what he did.'s a Dutch door. The top half is not done yet but ... Yay! Now Snoop can follow me around again and stay healthy doing it.


Gizmo said…
Great solution! I need to ask my DH about this for us too.
I really enjoyed reading your blog, and will visit back often.

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