This is my 90th post..... oh so close to 100 and yesterday was my one year blogversary. I know I didn't know what to expect last year when I began this endeavor and I'm a little surprised I've stuck with it. I am totally amazed where it has taken me and all the wonderful ladies I've "met" online. It has brought my quilting out of the studio so to speak. I'm able to share ideas, progress and finished items with you here; much more frequently than the occasional local quilt classes and meetings. The support has been great .... THANKS!

Yesterday was special for another reason too. It would have been my mom's 77th birthday. She's been gone for 6 years last month. I do miss sharing fun family stuff with her but truly believe she is with me in spirit. . . especially when I have hummingbirds hanging around. :c)

In honor of my blogging milestones, I will assemble a package of quilting goodies and draw a name from those who leave comments starting with this post and continuing through post 100. I can't guaranty the next 10 posts will happen quickly....LOL .... but that will give me a little time to pull some items together.

Thanks for visiting.... it adds so much to the blogging experience.


Ginger Patches said…
Oooo goody a give away...although I never actually win LOL!!! Sign me up Miss Karen :)
Suzanne Earley said…
I'm very glad you have been blogging and that I've gotten the chance to get to know you!
sbonetsue said…
Congrats on blogging success, I hope someday to join all of you in this new world but for now I lurk and hope I'm lucky in your giveaway.

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