I'm being a bit of a lazy butt this morning. I got home last night about 8pm from work and collapsed on the couch. Even tho my body is feeling the effects of two 12 hour days, I would go back today if there had been a 3rd day. I had SO much fun!

Why, you say? LOL... let me tell you! First of all, I know nothing about rugby.... well, a little more today than two days ago, but still, not much. That being said, I still have an appreciation of cute young athletes. So here's what I found when I got to work Saturday. *VBG*

In case you are new to my blog, I work for the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. My position is a Suite (aka private box) host. I set up the suites before guests arrive, make sure they have everything they need during the event and close up the suite when they leave. I work closely with the food servers assigned to the suite but am not responsible for the food. I am responsible for 6 suites, 3 in each of the 2 light towers (one on the 1st base side, the other on the 3rd).

Occasionally there is an off season event. This past weekend was the Rugby Sevens World Series tournament. The top suite in the 3rd base tower was occupied by the USA Rugby team.
The other two suites in that tower were empty. So mostly our elevator was being used to transport "the boys" between the service level where they would go to prepare for each match and the loft (suite) to relax & regroup between matches. Since they weren't traveling through any fan access areas, they were pretty casual with their dress. LOL - I didn't mind. In fact, at the end of the second day, we finally explained to the GSR Captain why both the elevator operator and I had such big smiles on our faces. Cracked him up. A couple old gals having fun chatting with the boys and enjoying the view. :cD Check out the link above. Then go to the National teams link, then Men's Sevens. See the curly headed blonde holding the ball? He preferred to travel shirtless.

All joking aside, they were the most pleasant, well mannered young men from the coaches and manager on down. When I checked out last night, I told my boss I should be paying her to work. Busted her up when I told her why. Betcha she'll be "helping" me next year.

I LOVE my job!


Ginger Patches said…
My daughter and I watched our first Rugby game on t.v. the other night and we loved it! And neither one of us likes to watch sports! And I must say part of the charm might be the uniforms those cute little shorts LOL--lucky you, sounds like you have had a couple of fun days!
Kim said…
now that sounds like a fun job :)
And you work for the Padres too- how cool is that??? Thanks for stopping by my blog last weekend. Been a tough week for blogging for me- I get on write a blog and get back to work. But I have 2 cool tops to show for it. Now to have some vino and relax for the night....

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