Tire follow-up and other sad stories

Ok..... my car is 7 months old but the dealer/manufacturer is no longer using the same brand tires. I would have to special order the tire for $260... you read that right, for one tire. Oh yeah.... forgot to mention, I didn't have a road hazard warranty after all. We were able to order the same tire for less... almost $100 less from a tire place. I probably would have choked on $165 had I not heard the $260 first. Now I feel like I'm getting a deal. :cP

Remember the cool Dutch door my DH made for our furry friends? Well... the big white kitty in the photo above is just the biggest sweetheart. He's a gentle giant and a bit of a fraidy cat. He's an easy target for the other males. Between the extra effort for a overweight kitty to jump up then back down and some bully brothers guarding the access, he had a big accident on our bed. This time of year we have a down comforter in a duvet cover. I've only ever dry cleaned down comforters but the dry cleaner said no to this smelly stain. My wonderful quilting friend Laurel let me go over to her house and shared her "recipe" for this problem. We washed it in her front loading washer with a mix of bleach, vinegar, cascade dishwasher soap and laundry detergent. It's as good as new. Phew!

We had another happy ending this week to a potentially costly problem. Ace's computer just decided to disconnect itself from the internet... we tried everything we could think of to get it working again. Via troubleshooting we were able to figure out what it wasn't. It wasn't the modem or router because I still had access and it wasn't her cable so we figured it was either a virus or a problem with the ethernet card. Next step was to write recovery disks and then wipe the hard drive. Only problem was when she went to reinstall from the disks... they were incomplete. Grrrr. So off to visit the Geek Squad. I have to say they could have sold me a big solution but they suggested we try ordering a set of recovery disks from the computer manufacturer first. $130 vs $20.... nice of them, huh? Several days later those disks arrived, and the computer was back up and running EXCEPT still no internet. So back to the Geek Squad we go. This time they test the computer and say... there's no problem with the internet connection, it's working just fine. Sigh... (They didn't charge for this diagnosis *vbs*) He asked Ace if she reset the router and modem... in a specific order. Turns out she didn't..... that's usually the first thing I do. She learned that lesson the hard way..... many down days with no access to her online games.

On the quilty front, I'm back working on my Carolina Crossroads. I'm just about done assembling the blocks in step 7. Then it will be time to assemble the top. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I have decided to lay mine out the same as Bonnie Hunter's. Some gals added sashing between the blocks and I really like the way their's look but the extra designs that happen without the sashing have caught my fancy. Stay tuned for photos.

And lastly, I can finally share what I was working on last week. It was a gift for my "secret sister" from MQResource. I tweaked the pattern a little and I might tweak it a bit more the next time I make it. Yes, I want one now and so does Ace... in her colors of red and black, of course. *vbg* I had a lot of fun digging through my mom and great aunt's button jars, hunting for embellishments. One of the buttons.... on the back .... was one that was on a dress I wore in elementary school. I love that it has a new place to live.

I have to leave the house at 7am tomorrow..... there's a two day rugby 7's tournament at Petco Park. I'm hoping for just 10 hour work days. :cP


Vicki W said…
That bag was a great SQ gift!
Mary said…
I want one of those bags too - what do I need to get one :)
Helen in the UK said…
Love that bag!! Good work on the mystery quilt too - mine is still pinned in rows, but I'll get to it eventually :)

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