Today WAS going better

Yesterday I was in a funk. I had the worst time focusing. I got a couple things done but didn't feel particularly productive. I was intent on having a better day today. And for the most part, I did. I got a quilt loaded and partially quilted, I voted, got some laundry done and received a wonderful reveal gift from my MQR Secret Quilter. I was feeling pretty smug that I had turned things around.

Well..... Ace and I left a little after 6pm and headed toward her weekly band practice. A couple blocks from home one of my tires hits something and starts hissing. Grrrr. I swear, I'm a magnet for sharp road hazards. This is the second tire puncture on the new car... in just 7 months. On my previous car, less than a week after installing brand new tires, I hit the handle of a pair of pliers. It was not repairable. Tonight I hit a rod/piece of rebar. It went in through the tread and out through the sidewall. GEEZ. The good news is I have a tire road hazard warranty. Unfortunately tomorrow is already pretty full..... not sure how I'm going to fit in getting the tire replaced. I might have to miss quilt class *sniff*

The spare is pretty funny looking. I'll have to get a photo in the morning light.

Back to the cool gift from my Secret Quilter. It was SodyPop aka Judy W! She did a great job of concealing her identity.... I had no idea. And she spoiled me rotten. In October she sent me a Best SID rule, in December a wonderful assortment of batiks and in today's package, some hand dyes, a pattern for needle cases and some applique tools seen here.

Judy, you're the BESTIST!

  • An awesome Secret Quilter
  • The right to vote.
  • the end (for now) of political phone calls
  • Platinum coverage auto warranty plan
  • kitty lap warmers on a cool night ... even the one who snores. :c)


Judy Whitehead said…
Well, I had a comment and somehow I deleted it? So I'll try this again! LOL

Karen it was so much fun shopping for you!!! After you posted the appliqué piece, I knew exactly what I wanted to find....goodies for appliqué! Have fun with them!!!!

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