Weekly report

I've had a very uneventful week in the quilting dept. I started prepping the next block of my Woodland Spirits applique quilt and attended two guild meetings.

One of the guest speakers talked about the various historical periods of quilting and the types & colors of fabric typical to certain eras. She had some period originals along with quilts made from recent reproductions. I fell in love with the fabrics and colors of the civil war period. I guess I just never took the time to learn about them before. Now I want to learn more and worse yet, get some repro fabrics. Yikes..... I'm NO buy right now. Wish me luck. LOL

On the flip side of doing nothing of note quiltwise, I did not purchase fabric either.... so I'm calling this a good week.

Most of the week was spent doing other, less fun things. The good news is I have finished with those and have prepared my studio for a productive week. I have two customer quilts to quilt by Wednesday and need to get down to business on the following UFO. IT will be a seasonal opportunity wall hanging for one of my guilds. There are 11 blocks. I won them in a BOM drawing a couple (maybe a few :cP) years ago. I'm going to add a few elements to it and in place of block 12, there will be a cat. I need to have the top together no later than March 11th. I have some ideas swimming around upstairs. I might ask for comments as I progress.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


Ginger Patches said…
Oh..man I forgot about the guild meeting :(
Kathie said…
Who was the person that lectured about antique quilts?
Love your birdhouse quilt!
Hi Karen,

You've been tagged!!! Link back to my blog and find out what to do next.

have fun!!

Gizmo said…
I am spreading blogger love. You have received the Spreader of Love Award - Blogger Love that is.
I enjoy your blog, and will visit back often.
Helen in the UK said…
The Civil War prints call to me too!! They are hard to get hold off in the UK, so it is harder for me to be naughty about buying :)
Archaic Dome said…
This is funny, because I JUST had this conversation 20 minutes ago. My family is really big into history- my father was the bugler for the movie Gettysburg, and did Civil War reenacting during my whole childhood. So naturally when I started quilting I got really interested in quilt history- Oregon Trail quilts, Civil War- and not just the quilts themselves but their stories. So I was explaining quilt history to my dad, and he thought it was CRAZY cool. And he found a source for CW repros. Even though I'm no-buy right now, too, my CW stash grows by a few yards every WEEK. My birthday's in July, and I'm afraid.

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