Easter Greetings

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter holiday. Ours is pretty low key. Bruce went to church with his mom this morning and Stacey and I are taking it easy. It's her last day of Spring break and first day she's had at home since last weekend. She met a young man in math class her sophomore year. Part way through the school year he moved to New Jersey. They have stayed in touch via various technologies and this week Matt came to San Diego for Spring break with his adult sister and her son. Stacey was able to meet up with him each day for a few hours. On Friday Matt came over mid day and stayed through dinner. He's a very nice, polite, but quiet young man. They're kind of cute together.... she's 5'3" and he's 6'4". I have a feeling he's not done growing. :c)

I do have a tasty batch of Black Forest style Split Pea soup on the stove. It has the traditional ham bone plus lots of extra spices but what makes this one different is the German style veal sausage and beer that are added. Yum.... I can't wait!

I've been putzing today, bouncing between a few things. I did some SID work on the bird house quilt...... a little more than half way done with that. You can't see much yet but here is one of the houses with some detail work.

I also put together a couple blocks so I can remember the pattern I found on Keryn's blog. She calls it Double Woven. I dug through my thrift shop shirtings and came up with these mediums and darks.
I told Keryn in a comment on her blog, my samples would be hung on the design wall with hopes they would inspire me to complete a couple UFO's thus lifting my guilt at starting a new project. LOL... we'll see how much motivation they provide. I love those blocks!

The photo makes the centers look cheddar.... it's actually more of a egg yolk yellow.

A couple days ago I made a block for a class challenge. The teacher asked us to use a small amount of a common floral fabric and bring her back a 12.5" block with a WOW for the background and up to 3 other fabrics in blue and/or yellow. My first attempt is the bottom block in the photo. Between the fact that the WOW in that block was a very loose weave fabric and my slight undercutting the size of the pieces, that block was seriously less than 12.5" and definitely not square. Sooooo.... take two was the top block. The block is from the Civil War Love Letters book and is called Tents of the Enemy. I did resize it for the challenge.

I got a call earlier today from a customer. I recently quilted a wedding gift for her. She's leaving for the wedding in England in a little over a week and she called to see if I could do another before she leaves. And because I've been busting my tush working through my backlog, I was able to say yes! Whoohoo.



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