Is it really Thursday

Good grief! I had every intention of posting before this. I wanted to post my Quiltathon progress....yes, I did participate on Sunday. I just didn't post that I did. I also wanted to post about the stashbusting I did .... a respectable amount in my world.... sashing and borders on one quilt and a backing for another. I must report a slippage of sorts too.... a relatively small amount of reproduction fabrics followed me home last Friday. I have a hair appointment I need to run off to here in a moment so here is a snippet of things to come.

Remember these blocks?

Here they are with coping strips and sashing between rows. In the upper left are some "flying geese" variations I wanted to incorporate in the border. Because the blocks were not a uniform size, the coping strips gave me the opportunity to square them up. The birdhouse posts are part of the coping strips.

Wait till you see how the top turned out..... stay tuned. This quilt is my offering to one of my guilds. It will be raffled off as a seasonal opportunity quilt. I wasn't crazy about the blocks by themselves. I have a feeling I'll be spending a fair amount on ticket chances trying to get it back...LOL.


Ruthie said…
I can't wait to see that one finished, Karen. I'm gonna make a birdhouse quilt someday.

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