It's about time!

The best laid plans . . . and all that. A few days ago I sat down to log on and discovered all the photos I planned to download and post were somehow corrupted on the card. There were some wonderful desert flower photos from our weekend visit a couple weeks ago plus lots, I mean LOTS of quilt photos. I've been quilting up a storm on the long arm. I spent a couple hours trying everything I could think of to recover the photos... with no luck. In the end I wiped the card clean. Some of the photos I'll be able to recreate and perhaps my SIL will be willing to share a few of her flower photos..... I like to include photos in the posts and the corruption problem put a damper on my desire to post that day.

Since then I've been "hanging" out at Petco Park completing the preseason training. All that's left for next week is picking up the new credential. I love this time of year. The grass is greening, the weather warming and the promise of a new baseball season is limitless. I'm ready to play ball. :cD

The last non customer quilt I quilted was a bright Camp Reach For The Sky one. We are pretty much given carte blanche with the quilting; the only request being to blend the thread with the top. The front of this one is a bright and scrappy so I took a photo of the back so you can see the quilting. The panto is a new one to me... Bird of Paradise by Patricia Ritter. I love it! And I have a feeling customers will too.

One of the photos I lost was of the goodies for the winner of my 100th post drawing. I will take another photo this weekend but till then you will need to imagine a pastel moss green and peach batik fat quarter pack (I think there are 7-8 fat quarters) and a package of my most favorite pins (fork pins). Since this is post #99 I will be drawing soon. Keep the comments coming. :c)

Till I take a few more quilty photos here are a couple of fun others. First is Miles snoozing in the sun.

And a sure sign of spring at our place is this beauty in full bloom. Patty.... notice the leaf color.. heehee.

Thanks for stopping by.


pgraham said…
Of course you were correct about the color of the wisteria leaf - you're a fabulous color quilter! I loved the bright colors and the pattern of the Rosie quilt - some kid will treasure that one forever. Padre spring fever is comin on . . . PG

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