Quiltathon - Post ONE

I thought I was all ready to jump in with both feet BUT.... I forgot to do the FAFSA filing for my daughter who attends college. Here in California, it has to be filed by tomorrow if she wants to be eligible for work study or loans. Sigh.... so once I'm done with that I WILL be joining you'all. First on my list..... Finishing the custom quilting on the loaded quilt.



JudyL said…
That's kinda important! We looked at that form but never filled it out so I think, from what I remember, you might be tied up for a while!
QuiltingFitzy said…
It's not that they are hard, but they force you to THINK, lol.

I think I've filled out my last one, dd#2 graduates in a couple of weeks, dd#3 gets hers paid thru the Army.

Hope you still had time to sew yesterday and will today too!

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