15 minutes and a bottle of wine

What a day! It's April 12th, right? Sure it's not July 12? It got up to 93 degrees here today. I haven't heard if it's a record high yet, but there is a good chance it's close if not. I decided to take advantage of the toasty weather and steam clean our carpets. I know anyone with pets will understand the need to do that frequently. The first room I cleaned is totally dry.... the others are close. Amazing. Did I mention it's a dry heat? :c)

15 minutes? No.. it has nothing to do with fame. LOL I've been trying to quilt/piece for at least 15 minutes everyday. I have projects to complete. Making time to quilt for at least 15 minutes every day is my attempt to complete a few. So far this month I've been able to stick to it. I only got 20 minutes in today but most days it leads to more.

On days where I have other "have to" things to do I use quilting as a incentive. Once a modest activity is complete I give myself 15 minutes to quilt. It's amazing how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes. Plus it motivates me to power through other chores so I can get back to the machine. A fun aside.... about the same time Suzanne started a related blog titled Quilt Everyday. Sounds like we arrived at the same approach independently. :c) It seems to be working for me.... perhaps it will for you too!

Last but not least ... the wine. We topped off the evening with a tasty Cab from our favorite vintner Bruce Hansen of Hansen Vineyards. Nice finish. The weatherman is saying more of the same tomorrow.

Cheers to 15 minutes a day!


Ginger Patches said…
Hey Karen! How's it going? Thought I'd come over and see what you've been up to :) I like the 15 minute idea--I used to do that with housework and reading..I don't believe I've tried that wine...must make a note of it. I love hearing about good wine!!!
Tine said…
That is so funny! I've just made a "½ hour a day" rule!
Good luck sticking to it!
Your quilts are beautiful, I love the one with the birdhouses and the cat :-)

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