And the winner is...

Lynn Douglass. Yay Lynn!!

I had to wait till tonight to draw a name for the blogversary gifty cause I wanted my daughter to help and she and I have been two ships in the night. Today was a day baseball game so I got to see my family for dinner and enlist her help.

Thanks to everyone who took time to leave a message..... it adds an element of fun to blogging.

I had enough energy left tonight to work on Bonnie's Quiltville Mystery, Carolina Crossroads. All the blocks are together and now I'm assembling the rows. I'm loving the way it's coming together. I'll post a photo when I get the borders on. I'm motivated to get the top together so I can photograph it and enter it in the San Diego Quilt show.

I managed to get a couple fun photos of Miles this morning. He finds the craziest places to perch. This time it was the ladder to the loft bed. Enjoy!


Kathie said…
glad to read that you almost done with your quilt!
looking forward to the pictures of it.
congrats to LYnn your giveaway winner!
SalemHouse said…
Our cats love to climb ladders also. During our remodeling project a couple years ago, they were constantly up as high as they could climb!
Andee said…
I thought we were supposed to pin the Orange Crush four patches into stacks of ten. Did I miss something about assembling them into rows? Smile.
Karen (Misiz C) said…
Hi Andee! You didn't miss anything. I'm just working (still) on the first Quiltville Mystery quilt, Carolina Crossroads. I kept up with the first few weeks, then life got in the way.
I haven't decided yet if I will do Orange Crush. I want to but have others that I should do.

I hope you check back here.... I was unable to email a reply to you. If you would like me to tell you how to turn off your "no reply" blogger feature, send me your email address. Thanks for stopping by.
Mary said…
I guess I'll have to buy some of those fork pins for myself!
Gretchen said…
Beautiful photos of your cat! Love the lighting and what great spots on his coat! Can't wait to see your CC mystery quilt.

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