Craig's list find - Fate?

Goal for year - fabric used from stash: 60 yards
YTD net yardaged used: 19 yards

YTD yardage needed to reach goal: 41 yards

A several weeks back Ace asked if she could get a guitar with some of her savings. It was an odd conversation with the way she couched her question. I think she thought I was going to say no. She tends to bounce around and not stick with any one thing so that was probably part of the reason for her apprehension. Her brother and sister had long since spent their money (we shared a distant relative's inheritance with them). I told her of course. The following week we visited the guitar shop across the street from the wind instrument shop where she takes trumpet lessons just to get a feel for different makes and prices. There was a really nice guy there ... an independent teacher, not a sales rep.... who answered lots of questions about the different guitars out there. A day or two later I asked her if she wanted to start looking around. She said no, she wanted to wait till after AP tests were over. Smart kid.... she knew it would be a distraction from her studies. Well, Wednesday afternoon was her last AP test for this year. Today on the way home from shopping I asked her if she had started looking yet. Nope. After unloading the groceries I took a quick peek on Craig's List. She got a never used Martin with a hard case, stand & tuner for a REALLY good price. It had only been on the list for 5 hours. Yes, that's a tag attached to the tuners. LOL Gotta love how things work out sometimes.


Archaic Dome said…
I love CL! That's how I found my $400 a month house! I put a "apartment needed" ad on, and the owner emailed me. He just wanted someone to cover his mortgage. Even in Pennsylvania, that's ridiculous. Everyone I know is jealous. :)

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