Goal for year - fabric used from stash: 60 yards
YTD net yardaged used: 19 yards
YTD yardage needed to reach goal: 41 yards

Yikes.... what a busy time. I'm running around trying to get my supplies together for the retreat. I should be out the door in about 45 minutes. Still have to pack my clothes. LOL But all my quilting gear is packed and ready to go. Priorities you know! ;c)

Thought I would be able to pack a little after work last night but the game ran a bit late and it was a sad loss in several ways. The boys were winning prior to Chris Young getting hit in the nose with a line drive and Josh Bard spraining an ankle on a slide home... both in one inning and both by (obviously not on purpose) Albert Pujols. After that the game when down hill, a long 11-3 loss. Good thoughts for our boys would be appreciated.

TTFN.... hopefully lots to show you Sunday night.


Jeanne said…
Have a wonderful, relaxing and productive retreat!
Kim said…
have fun at the retreat
how's that pitcher that got hit in the face????

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