Goals, lists and other productivity tools

Before I jump to my topic du jour, here is the photo I promised. All the background fabric including the outer border are music prints...hence the name Classical Crossroads.I decided not to crop out so much of my front porch deck so you could see the shady retreat the wisteria creates.... now that the weather is warming.

I'm a list person. I accomplish so much more when I create and work from a list. I think it has something to do with the way my brain is wired. My memory is selective at best, but most of the time non existent. So a list is a must and I do ok on the days I use one.

Goals are a different animal. I know the importance of goals but when I attempt to set one or more of them, follow through to completion is a serious problem. That inability to see something through is probably wiring related too. Or perhaps the problem is setting too broad a goal without smaller stepping stone goals to get bigger projects done.

Routines are another tool that I could use to a better advantage. Hmmm.....

So one of my goals for May is to develop a system to incorporate stepping stone goals and routines into my daily & weekly lists. AND I'm going to enlist the help of my husband. Tonight we are going out for dinner and a play so I'm going to take along some paper for goal brainstorming.

  • One of the household goals is to progress on the living room remodel. I know it's not realistic to expect it to be finished this month so one of the discussions tonight will be how much we think we can get done.
  • Quilty goals include finishing quilting the charity quilts for Rosie. #4 is on the machine; 5 & 6 are in the queue.
  • Quilt the Classical Crossroads quilt.
  • Finish piecing Kelly's graduation quilt.
  • Quilt for 15 minutes (at least) a day, everyday. (Thank you Suzanne!)
  • Step up the marketing of my current long arm machine so I can take delivery and get down to business with the A-1.
  • Blog everyday.... keep it super simple though. One topic per day.
I would love to hear what works for you.



Vicki W said…
Your CC looks terrific! Goal setting is good. I have to do it otherwise I don't seem to get ANYTHING accomplished!
Jeanne said…
Your Carolina Crossroads turned out great! Thanks for sharing.
Elaine Adair said…
The Crossroads turned out really nice!

Goals? The "Quilt 15 minutes a day" works for me, and almost ALWAYS expands to an hour or more. I start sewing after I've had my morning shower, letting my hair air dry, and listen to music before going to work. That starts me off with "success" first thing. I've given up on the morning TV with the horrid repetitive stuff, and we don't see Simply Quilts any more.

I keep a list of varioius projects for the day, most are easy or 'regular', just to remind me to get them DONE. Looking at the list that is checked off also confirms I was productive today.
Amanda said…
Lists are great - I feel so good and productive when I tick something off as DONE. I think you're right about goals though, they can be so overwhelming if you don't break them down into achievable chunks.
Mary said…
Nice job on the CC. I bet it feels good to have it done!

My lists and goals are pretty much interchangeable and I do accomplish more if I actually identify what I want to get done rather than leaving it to chance.

I try to have a weekly list and then each day before I get out of bed, I decide what I'm going to work on that day. I also try to have slightly ambitious goals but don't worry so much if I don't get everything done.
Ginger Patches said…
Oh your CC turned out beautiful!! Did you end up entering it? I hope so then I can see it in person :) My blocks are still waiting for me to make those silly corners I forgot lol!
bingo~bonnie said…
wow you really turn our beautiful Mystery quilts!!! Each one so pretty. I love the name for this one, Classical Crossroads :)

Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

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