May Day

I'm still here, attempting the computer world juggle like most others. Mostly I've been an occasional lurker this past month. That doesn't mean I haven't been busy.... I have! When I'm not on the computer as much I get more quilting done. Yay!

I'm going to use this first post of the month to reflect on April's accomplishments.
  • Finished assembling the Carolina Crossroads top. I have to get a photo of it later today so I can enter it in the upcoming San Diego Quilt Show ... I post it here too shortly. I used 2 yards in the borders and 5 yards for the backing, all from stash. :c) I decided to name my quilt Classical Crossroads because of the musical nature of the background fabric.
  • I have 30+ UFO's, so what do I do? Start a couple new ones. Good grief! I'm a sucker for a quilt mystery. Bonnie Hunter started a new scrappy mystery April 1st. At first I thought I would play along in my head. HA, HAHA! 4 weeks later I have steps 1&2 done. Step 1 used 1.75 yards, step 2: 3 yards.
  • Yes, I did say "a couple". The other new project is a graduation gift for a neighbor gal/good friend of my DD Stacey. We've lived here 22 years and I remember the day Kelly was born almost 18 years ago. When she was a toddler I made her a quillow and a t-shirt dress with pink pig fabric. She was a pig fanatic! Next month she graduates as salutatorian and will head to CAL in the fall. So it's time for a big girl quilt for her dorm room. This one is very southern CA tropical with a turquoise/lime green batik as the focus fabric. I picked up the batik (2-3 lb bag of scraps from SCRUBS... I don't know how that translates to yardage....maybe 4 yards added, perhaps more?) All the rest is from my stash. So far I've cut up 4 yards for that project. Oh.... and the best part! I've found a remnant of THE pink pig fabric. I'll work that into the backing. :c)
  • I've been keeping up with longarming while I wait for a buyer for my Gammill to come along. I've had a few inquiries and one decent nibble but nothing definite yet. I'm thinking of offering a finders fee to anyone who helps bring a buyer in lieu of paying big bucks to other sites. One gal wanted 5% of the sales price to list it on her site. I DON'T THINK SO!! That's over $700. I am willing to offer $150 to the person who refers the buyer to me. Check out the listing here ...the one dated March 30th. Just make sure the person gives me your name and a way to contact you.

I'm going to post goals for the month tomorrow.... and probably some random other thoughts too. LOL

I'm baaaaack. I've missed blogging!


Amanda said…
It's good to see you back - we've missed you!

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