Must be May

Goal for year - fabric used from stash: 60 yards
YTD net yardaged used: 14.5 yards

YTD yardage needed to reach goal: 45.5 yards

First things first. 4.5 yards of fabric followed me home last Friday. The price was right... $10 for the lot but that doesn't help the bottom line. The numbers above have been adjusted. :c/

When I get lots of irons in the fire, my stress quotient goes way up. For me that usually is right before Christmas and the end of the school year. Our school is not out for another 4 weeks and I'm not as involved in school things (ie. band) as I used to be but I've made up for it in other areas. Plus the Padres will be home most of the next 6 weeks (who creates the schedule anyway?!?) so I'm going to go ahead and plan on being a stress puppy and maybe it won't be as bad as I imagine. LOL Actually I know acknowledging the upcoming volume of activity will help me remember to take deep breaths when the going gets tough.

Yesterday I helped hang quilts for the CV guild show that starts today. I'm also working first shift this morning. I mailed off my entry forms for the big SD quilt show in August yesterday too. Even though the 3 shows I'm entering this year are non juried, I'm hopeful to get some good feedback from the experts.

I am going to a quilt retreat with my MIL next Thursday. It's the annual retreat for the Sunshine Quilters guild.... I've been the contact from our guild. There are 4 guilds sharing the facilities. It's so fun to see other quilters projects.... I usually come home with the desire to join their guilds too. :cP One of the gals from our guild called me this week to check on some details and ended the conversation with "See you next week." My reply was "Next week?" Sheesh! I lost a week somewhere.

I know last post I promised some photos. I need to clean off my cutting table so I can "fix" the next quilt top before loading it. So I'm taking a 'before' photo. Yes, I'm basically a slob. :c) I would much rather be creating than cleaning. If I would just clean as I go, it wouldn't be such a big deal.

Do you have an area of your life that is totally organized, no matter how unorganized everything else gets? My house usually experiences varying degrees of clutter but my car is usually pretty darn clean and clutter free.

Here is the Snoopster sporting his summer cut. Isn't my quilt room mascot styling? :c) (please ignore the decomposing yard features... guess I could refer to him as my junkyard dog..LOL)

Back to work for me.


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