Staying Positive

Goal for year - fabric used from stash: 60 yards
YTD net yardaged used: 19 yards

YTD yardage needed to reach goal: 41 yards

Here is a photo of a new (to me) panto I'm trying. So far my review is a thumbs up. I like more intricate patterns cause sometimes the real simple ones the customers prefer get monotonous. It's on a quilt for a relative. I like having the opportunity to try new patterns out on non customer quilts. The quilt is a monster. I wound 9 bobbins and after the first pass I don't think I will have enough. The pattern is Vanilla Orchid by Keryn Emmerson and is available through Golden Threads.
I decided to make one more comment about the Choosing Your Attitude saying I referred to a couple days ago because on the chance a coworker is reading this I will catch you-know-what on Friday when we return to work if I don't add a caveat. The department head I credited with the saying had her least stellar, most unprofessional day since I've worked for her, last homestand. She chose to rake the entire department over the coals for the misactions of a few during our pregame briefing. She had the nerve to add her 'Choose Your Attitude' at the end of the briefing. Not one of her finer moments and it did take a while for me to choose a better attitude but my point is even if you don't succeed at first, keep aiming for the positive and you will succeed.


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