Too cute not to post

Goal for year - fabric used from stash: 60 yards
YTD net yardaged used: 7.5 yards

YTD yardage needed to reach goal: 52.5 yards

On my way to make final rounds for the night, here's what I found. 3 fuzzy boys snoozing... LOL ... all while the suround sound booms from the video playing.


Amanda said…
What a great photo. The trouble is, you just aren't allowed to move once the cats settle on you, and if you've finished making all your notes, what's left but to go to sleep!
Bingo~Bonnie said…
hey, now that's a great idea ---- fall asleep with paper and pen in hand! I always have the strangest dreams but forget them before i get to the kitchen table... if I slept like your dh I could write them down before I forgot! LOL :c)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie
Jeanne said…
That is a great photo! The cats are all comfy, but I'm not sure about your husband.
Helen in the UK said…
Love the picture on your blog header too :)

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