Another trip

The trip home last Saturday was long, for a couple reasons. I decided to try driving both ways traveling no more than 60 miles per hour. 99% of the cars whizzed by me but I got 34-36 miles per gallon.... that's amazing for my car... 30 was all I saw before. That was probably a $4-6 savings per tank X 3 tanks. I think it was worth it. Traffic in LA was the pits... that added an hour too.

I did find some gold fabric for the BOM project at Creation Station. Now to prewash the lot and I'll be ready for step one.

This week has been productive. I quilted 3 quilts on the long arm, finished the binding on another and did a little piecing on the mystery quilt. Think I mentioned the quilt is kind of a medallion. Here is the center of the quilt.... it still needs to be squared to 24".There will be two leaves appliqued on either side of the lily stem. Here is another block. There will be 8 of these eventually.

Do you see what I see? Yep, lots of background for custom work. :c) More pieces as they are completed.

Tomorrow morning I catch a charter bus with other quilters to the International Quilt Festival in Long beach. I have a feeling there won't be time to catch everything I want to see. I do have a shopping list and will do my best to stick to it. LOL - wish me luck.

On the bird nest front we came home to find the babies more mobile. Here's one of the little guys on a branch just to the right of his nest.Later that day the nest and canopy were empty. One or more of the babies must had fallen out so mom moved the gang to a dense shrub 15 feet away..... under Ace's bedroom window. LOL So much for this teenager sleeping in. Last but not least is a cute one of Miles.....
I'll post the loot tomorrow night.


Alycia said…
So how did you do? Were there quilts there too?

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