Goal for year - fabric used from stash: 60 yards
YTD net yardaged used: 29 yards

YTD yardage needed to reach goal: 31 yards
Yardage purchased since last report: 9 yards
Yardage used since last report: 19 yards

Yeah, June went by THAT fast. Here's the Cliff Notes version....

Work: Starting May 19th, we worked 29 home games in 42 days. By comparison, there are only 9 home games the whole month of July. Geez, who makes the schedule any way?! Highlights... one of my best friends and her family in one of my suites... felt kind of weird but it was fun to see the suite through their eyes.... The red carpet rolled out for the front office of the Twins, who occupied 2 of my suites one evening. Lots of big wigs from all the parties involved and I think we made a good impression!.... A wives baby shower another night for Katie Peavy, Jody Gerut's wife and Jen... the owner's daughter. As they were leaving the suite Lindsey Bard offered us one of the Oreo Balls she made....OMG those are good!!

Family: Ace finished her Junior year in HS and I attended my last School Site Council meeting. Attended a bridal shower and wedding.... the oldest grandson Ian (my nephew) married his sweetheart Gina the end of June. Allie was able to come to town for the wedding... It was good to see her even though it was quick. A fun aside.... I was getting my hair done the Tuesday before the wedding and James took a call before washing my hair. As he's walking back to me he says "Guess I'll be seeing you Saturday". Long story short, Gina's family friend had to back out of officiating the ceremony at the last minute and Ian called James to see if he could fill in. Most of our family has James do their hair and he's known Ian since he was 7 or 8, so it was cool to have him involved. I just NEVER knew he did that on the side. :cD

Quilting: I've been busy in this dept!! A quicky photo review....

Quilted a couple customer quilts including this one with a fun, new (to me) panto called Tea Rose.

Finished Susan's retirement quilt. I waited till the week after school was out to give it to her.... I knew she'd be cleaning out her office and would have time to chat for a minute. I might do another one of these someday.... I like the look and it's not hard, just tedious.

Finished the top of Kelly's graduation quilt just in time for her party. Since then I have quilted it and am in the process of stitching down the binding. Here is a close up of the quilting... another new panto Flip Flopping Around. The pink pig fabric is the label and is a piece left over from a quillow and dress I made for Kel when she was a toddler. Enlarge the photo to see all the things the pigs are "saying". Kelly is going to Cal in the Fall, hence the bear reference. I'll post a whole quilt photo when all the hand work is done.

My machine did not sell..sigh .... times are tough and I think people are being more cautious with their finances. There is a chance the interested buyer will have the money in a month or two.

I started another project.... through a class at Rosie's Calico Cupboard. I'd been eying a sample called Confetti from the shop for a while thinking "I could do that" without a pattern. I'm GLAD I took the class....
I made it bigger than the pattern called for.... It will be the summer quilt for our bed. All the blocks are in rows and I'm just sewing the last few rows together. The entire quilt is from stash...Whoo hoo!!

The last weekend of June I attended Amidon Quiltwork's Mystery Weekend Retreat. I LOVE mystery quilts but let me tell you, this was no ordinary mystery quilt. Pearl Pereira creates an original pattern just for the retreat and breaks it into steps. They are basically pieced tops but they always feature some applique. The retreat includes a kit of fabric and the participants select their kit by a random number drawing. I was the very last person to choose but Nancy Amidon is an awesome host and created extra kits so even the last person would have a choice too. I love, love, love my kit and the way it is turning out. I'll post photos when I get back to that project.... after Confetti. Some of the gals at the retreat have been doing the mystery weekend with Pearl and Nancy for 6+ years... no wonder it took me a couple years to snag an opening. You betcha I paid a deposit to hold my place for next year.

I gotta run and pick up a couple quilts from the San Diego County Fair that ended yesterday. This is the first time I entered quilts and one of the two got a Third Place ribbon. I can't wait to see what the judges had to say about the two because the one that won was a quilt I slapped together one weekend in a fit of quilt therapy. The other was much more difficult and IMHO a much more striking quilt. Quilting friends in the know told me after the fact that it might have had a better chance in a different category. Next year I'm going to have Lisa help me fill out the forms..... she has won Best in Show two years in a row.



Vicki W said…
The retirement quilt is just beautiful and I really love tghe confetti quilt too! It will be a great summer quilt.

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