Cool Beans

Back when I helped with band activities, there was a kid who would exclaim 'Cool Beans' when something good happened. Even now, I catch myself slipping into Margaretspeak occasionally. :c)

Recent events in the cool department.....

We have a birds nest in the wisteria canopy right outside the kitchen window/front door. Up until 14 months ago some of our cats were indoor/outdoor cats so birds kept a healthy distance. I'm thouroughly enjoying watching mama mockingbird feed her babies .... from the same view the cats have now. ;c)

Last weekend the Padres had a celebration marking the 10th anniversary of 1998...the magical year the boys came so close to winning it all. A lot of the former players were on hand for the festivities ... Steve Finley, Kevin Brown, Carlos Hernandez, Andy Ashby, Quilvio Veras, Tony (of course) etc. Trevor Hoffman is the only current Padres player who played on the 98 team. Trevor's wife Tracy occasionally uses one of my suites and she got one Saturday night for her family and to host some of the former players wives. A gracious lady! As I'm walking to my car Saturday night after the game, a car slows down and a window rolls down. It's Tracy wishing me a good night. :c)


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