Out of town

Today's posts are coming to you from Allie's new apartment in SLO. She moved in a couple weeks ago so Ace and I thought we'd check it out and bring her a dresser. (she doesn't have a bed yet...she's been sleeping on the floor. Kids, sigh!) I'm letting the girls sleep in a bit....

Her new place is real nice, much nicer than the one she moved out of. She'll be sharing a large bedroom with one gal and the apt with two others but that will save her a couple hundred a month. Yay! Wish I had photos for you but I forgot my camera.

Ace and I will be heading home later today. Hope to see if we can round up a bed before we leave.

On the way home I want to stop at a quilt shop in Buellton called The Creation Station and see if I can find a gold that will work with my stash fabrics for Judy L's BOM project. It's hard to beat their prices so I stop if I can when I'm driving through. I did decide on this combo using the darker/oatmeal fabric for the background.
I'm anxious to get home and get back to sewing. Isn't it fun how a little away time can rejuvenate our creative energies?!


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