Paint color

Here is an old and new corner of the living room. Gotta love 80's/90's stenciling. Yes, the room is way overdue for a redo.

Here is a painting my dad picked up when they lived in the Sierra foothills of California many years ago. On the white wall the painting just sat there.... now it pops. What a difference a little color makes!

I forgot to mention one thing in yesterday's post. I got my very first BUP (Big Ungainly Package) boxed and shipped. I'm participating in a fabric square swap with some gals who are also baseball fans and my contribution was just under 250 squares separated into numerous individual baggies. I barely got the flat rate box closed.. :c) I can't wait to see what is chucked my way in a couple weeks. I got the Nickel Quilts book just for this swap.

It's back to work tonight...... the team's back in town.


Kathy A. said…
Being an A's backer in the swap, I feel your Padres' pain! :)
Mary said…
I love warmer paint colors - makes a room feel more comfortable. The Desert Palette blocks look wonderful too.

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