'Bout Time

I'm sitting here contemplating all that's happened since my last post. I'm also giving a bit of thought to why I haven't posted. I guess in a nut shell.... with all the happenings of the last 4-5 weeks, my life is a bit out of balance. I know writing helps give me perspective so I'm gonna do my best to make time to post.

  • That job interview I mentioned in my last post was odd at best. I did not get the job but I learned a lot in my two weeks subbing at that school.
  • The baseball season came to an end and closed a disappointing year. There's a bit of melancholy at the end of each season... you never know who will be back next year ... so you say good by and cross your fingers. A highlight of the last homestand, for me, was being awarded the September MVP award (employee of the month). There was an on field ceremony prior to a game and all I could think was "please don't trip, please don't trip"...LOL
  • The week after the odd interview/sub job, I was sick..... I don't get sick very often. The boys were out of town so I was able to take it easy. Thursday of that week, Sept 18th, I had another interview. I left that interview with a different type of odd feeling. I knew I nailed it but I wasn't sure I wanted the job. By the time I got home, I found a voice mail from the principal offering me the job.
  • Fast forward... I took the job and spent 3 weeks getting the library in shape for class visitations. Why 3 weeks? The school underwent some remodeling over the summer and that included the library. The new window heights dictated all the bookcases be moved and my first day on the job I got to direct district workers where I wanted everything to go. Yeah, I got to redesign the library layout. How cool is that?!
  • My quilting business has trickled down to almost nothing. I attribute it to a combo of things. The economy has my customers being more selective about what they have me quilt and what they quilt themselves . Some of the gals I used to quilt for got short arms or mid arms and for whatever reason.... there seems to be a proliferation of longarmers in my region. I've got some ideas on how I will remarket my services... will work on that soon.
Quilting progress. Some of the things I've been working on....
Block 4 from Judy L's BOM project and ......A top from the Blended Wall Quilts. The pattern is called Elizabeth.... I'm calling mine Desert Palette. I've been collecting dusty colors that remind me of our local desert. Everything in this quilt is from stash.... blocks from collected fabrics, borders and back from stash and batting was pieced from leftovers. Whoohoo!

More photos...... A recent early morning found this handsome fellow using my neighbor's patio shade cover as a hammock. I'll leave you with one last photo that tells me autumn has arrived. It's finally cool enough for my fuzzy friends to curl up together. Awww...More soon.


Kim said…
Lot's of transition going on in your life. Will be a relief when things settle down once again, huh? Seems that there are a lot of machine quilter wannabe's out there now. This does require some talent and training...I wonder how many long-arm owners will want to sell after a while, it looks so easy when watching a professional do a quilt. Sigh...the advertising would have us all believe we can whip out custom quilt after quilt as soon as that machine is in our sewing room. The fox photo is just great. Glad you shared that. :)
Mary said…
Congratulations on the new job! HOpefully, things will pick back up in your quilting business too.

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