Misc. projects

No photos.... sorry. It's such a big mess I'm not taking pictures. Ace and I finally finished painting the living room this afternoon. What's the big deal, you ask? Welllll, we started the project 2 months ago but stopped because we had to wait to move some large pieces of furniture. One unpainted wall had a player piano and a very large TV cabinet along it. My husband found a place to store the piano in his garage BUT we needed to hire a piano mover to get it out of the house.... it's THAT heavy. In the meantime the project sat, half finished. I've been living with the living room in disarray and was growing tired of it. So I compromised. Don't laugh too hard.... but the piano is now in my kitchen. The whole reason the piano needed to be moved was because we are moving the dining table from the kitchen nook to the far end of the living room. So till we can hire a piano mover, the piano will live in the nook. If the kitties have anything to say about it, that won't happen too soon. It's a perfect height for a perch in front of the kitchen window.

An the best part, now I can put the living room back together.... just in time for the holidays! Yay!!

My other weekend project was a guild retreat challenge. We were given a fat quarter of an 'ugly' fabric and given free reign on what to make. The thing is.... I like the fabric so I'm making a purse I'll use afterwards. Photos soon. Perhaps tomorrow. :c)


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