The New Job

In yesterday's post I mentioned I wasn't sure I wanted this job .... my first impression after the interview. The school has over 700 students, 33 classes (6 of those Special Day Classes) and the job is only 19.5 hours per week. Even without a calculator I knew I couldn't schedule all the classes weekly. The demographics of the school were another concern.... most of the students are of Hispanic origin and my knowledge of the Spanish language is basic at best. The principal addressed my concerns ..... there would be assistance with language issues and class visits would be every other week. I'm not happy about the every other week schedule but without more hours.... well, we do the best we can. 20 or more hours per week would mean the district would have to pay benefits and there are very few schools doing that right now.

Now that I've been there a few weeks I'm glad I said yes. It is an old school, built in the 1930's, so it has some unique characteristics from expansion and remodeling projects. I'm trying to ignore the snide comments from others, attributing those to subconscious attempts to feel better about their own place. I prefer older things in general so I'm enjoying the uniqueness of the campus.

I'm really liking the staff. I would much rather work at a school with marginal facilities and great people than visa versa. There are a good number of male teachers which is feel is crucial to an elementary experience.

One of the things I'm not totally happy with is the overall age of the library collection and it's condition. There are several books in the library that are older than me and I'm coming up on the big 51 in 3 days. With the limited funds available I'll do my best to fill some holes. In the meantime look what me and my BFF/childrens library mentor found at a recent book sale. Each of these used books were 10 cents each. I found 130 books, she had a similar amount. I sat last night and slapped on barcodes while watching game 7 of the ALCS..... Did the Rays really win?? LOL


Suzanne Earley said…
Karen, in my next life, I want to be a librarian. My very first job was in a library (I was a Page, my main responsibility was shelving books...I knew my Dewey Decimal System backwards and forwards...).

I've even thought about going back to school and getting a library degree, but dont' get much further than thinking about it.

Good luck in your new job, I hope you can get some new kids excited about reading!

(Does your collection include the Captain Underpants books?? That is the series that got my boys really hooked on reading. Terrible bathroom humor, but they loved them....)
Jackie said…
130 books at 10 cents each benefiting a school with an aging collection makes my heart feel good! I'm the only one of the kids in my family that is not a teacher so I'm very aware of the challenges that our schools are facing! I'm an avid reader (actually addicted reader) and they are lucky to have you!

Where I live they have closed on the public libraries on Sundays to cut the budget. I can afford books and have internet at home. It makes me sad for those families who do not have those advanatages and who are often working on Saturday.

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