Monday recap

I got the ugly fabric challenge piece finished. Can you guess which is the challenge fabric? LOL The thing is, I like lime green .... so I made something I would use later. The pattern is just OK... IF I make it again, I won't use the peltex. It made it too hard to construct. The good news is I finished up the purse on my Pfaff... just back from the repair shop. Perhaps other parts of the construction would have been easier on the Pfaff.... instead of my featherweight.

Next on the list today was a simple 2 piece curtain for a window in the library. It's a window between interior rooms. The other room is the computer lab and since the lab opens this week to classes, the time is now to cover the opening and keep my office from becoming a fishbowl. Look at the fabric I found.... ties into my theme for the year 'Explore Reading'.Time to hit the hay. Tomorrow's gonna be a long one, between school and the Madonna concert and voting in there somewhere.


sandra said…
I don't see an ugly fabric in there! I love the colour combo and the bag :-)
Vicki W said…
You did a great job with that fabric!
Judy Whitehead said…
Karen, I really like that bag!!!!!

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