Retreat Review

I took my camera with me.... really I did. Did I get it out? NOOO. geez.

I arrived Friday about 3 and most of the attendees were there already. My friends had saved me a more than ample space and I was up and stitching within the hour. I didn't even take my bag to the room till bedtime... I wanted to sew.

Saturday ended up being gorgeous and warm.... 85+ degrees. (sorry to those with snow already) Sunday was soooo different. 65 and blustery. What a difference a day makes. I promise next time I will get photos. I attend retreats here 2-3 times a year.

I ended up taking 4 projects to work on. I don't know why I do that, guess I want a choice depending on my mood. Only one was worked on. All the blocks were finished being pieced and I began sewing the blocks together for my version of Orange Crush. I'm liking it but wow.... anyone got a pair of sunglasses. *grin* Here is what is done so far..(hmmm. My card reader won't work. I'l try again later to load the photo.)

I love going to retreats like this. I can sew to my hearts content without the normal home distractions interfering. I am going to take some hand work next time though. As much as I love these gals, the loud, non-stop chatter in the workroom drains my energy. There are some wonderful little outside spots to sit and re-energize and do a little hand work.

On a totally different subject.... I noticed a few fellow quilters talking about facebook so I signed up today. I saw someone with the same AIM address as my son so I invited him to be my "friend" and the person was not my son at all. Yikes! To any of you bloggers out there... what are your reasons for using facebook (or myspace) too? After looking around a little, I'm not sure I get it. Is there something you can do there that you can't on a blog? TIA


Vicki W said…
So now you can threaten your son with "I much prefer my Facebook son to you today!" or "My Facebook son loves me and he would do what I ask!"
Elaine Adair said…
Oh, you temptress you - the newve!!! A retreat with no photos included ... wahhhhh

Facebook myspace ... more of things I know NOTHING!
Elaine Adair said…
that was supposed to say - the NERVE! See how upset I am with no photos?

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