What to take to the retreat

Today is the day to do most of my packing for the upcoming retreat. I work T-F this week (including the Madonna concert tomorrow night at Petco Park) and leave right after work on Friday so it's now or never.

I have one of those "guilty" projects I should take along. Then there is my daughter's graduation quilt I should start. There's another UFO I dug out recently I'd like to finish.... it just needs borders. Last but not least are a couple of applique quilts that need the next blocks to be prepped and glued so I will have hand work ready. Yikes.... sounds like too much already. Decisions, decisions.

One thing I have decided is to remove the stash yardage used tally in the side column. I'm going to focus my weekly reports on project progress sans numbers. This past week found some progress on the retreat challenge. That's it.... and some reading. I tend to loose track of time when I read.

Off to pack.


Elaine Adair said…
Be sure that what you take TO the retreat, comes back home FROM the retreat.

I'm still looking for about 60 flying geese that somehow 'got away'! 8-))

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