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It's a good thing when an adult kid comes home for a visit. Especially this one since she's not much at phoning or emailing. My mind is much more at ease now that I've caught up with her life. She had to find a new place to live on short notice and only spent a week on a friend's couch before finding a great one. So all is good. And look what she made for us today while we were at work/school......amazingly tasty banana cream pie from scratch.The week before Christmas I was working on a gift and I threw the timing off on my Pfaff. Yeah... I was trying to stitch through several layers of denim. I was able to hand turn the last few inches of stitches. The repair of the machine was under warranty but I just hate being without a machine while it's in the shop, so I decided to bring out a Singer 201 a friend found for me. It was the first time using this machine. I now know why many folk call this the best Singer made. As much as I like sewing with one of my featherweights, I really like this grown up model. I'm a little apprehensive about using the 201 though, it's almost too nice to use. The decals are all intact.... slight scratches in the paint but nothing major. This photo isn't the best but you can get the general idea. Oh yeah, it's a centennial model too. And this is the project I started on her New Year's Eve. Here is one block each of the two blocks in Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt, Double Delight. I have lots of trimming left to do on the square in a square units for the top block. Slow and steady, enjoying the process. :c)


I know how you feel, my DD (also 20) lives several hundred miles away

she is home this week, and like you, I usually *only* hear from her when she needs money......or if I forget to pay a payment on her credit card.......don't ask
Tracey in CT said…
I have a 201 that I found at Goodwill last summer, it really is a fabulous machine!

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