Antidote to frustration

AKA quilting therapy. Wow what a week. One of my favorite scrappy quilts (below) resulted from a 'therapy' session a couple years ago following a particularly stressful week thanks to a former close friend (now she's a casual friend-much less drama).

This week was a combination of events that came to a head yesterday but the underlying theme was coworkers and friends saying they would do something and then not following through. I like to think I give people the benefit of the doubt the first time they flake out and often, the second and third. I know things come up occasionally to change plans or priority but when it becomes a pattern it gets frustrating to say the least. It definitely gives pause to reevaluate the connection.

Indulging the need to rant in writing helps me release; an emotional pressure valve of sorts. That AND an hour or so of stitching and cutting, and I'm nearly back to mellow. I'll post accomplishments in my stash busting report later today.


Vicki W said…
I hope things get better for you. All of my current back issues are directly related to work stress - so I Feel your pain, literally! LOL! I am doing a little sewing therapy today also. Beats drugs hands down!
Lynn Douglass said…
I'm with you on the sewing therapy! There's nothing better to sooth the soul. I really like your latest quilt, and I'm planning to make one that is similar. That green looks very peaceful!

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