Thoughts on communication

I touched on catching up with my oldest daughter in yesterday's post. It's been REALLY good to talk to her in person! That's pretty much the only way she communicates. She will answer an occasional email or text message. The only time she calls... and I mean only... is when she needs something. Do her periods of silence bother me? More than I can say....but she is 20 (re. marches to her own drummer) and has never been one to talk much to anyone, so I don't take it personal. But I do worry about the unknown. Her home is 350 miles away which is just a tad too far for a quick visit when I don't get a reply. She leaves tomorrow to go back to her new apartment. Sigh. I've asked her to call more but I know the calls will dwindle. I've come to the conclusion I must make more trips to stay connected.

Thinking about Allie and her communication habits got me to thinking about communicating with others in general. I know I'm guilty of making assumptions, assuming I know the intent of another's words or their silence in the case of no communication. I've seen it in others too. I'm not sure what the answer is.... perhaps just the realization that we make those leaps will help keep us from continuing.

What I do know is that relationships change, be they family or friends. Kids grow up and develop their own identity. Friendships ebb and flow. It's ok to be sad for the connection lost to the change.

Guess that's enough heavy stuff for tonight. Sometimes writing things down helps me think things through. And besides.... my camera battery ran out of soon as the card reader was working again. :cP Photos tomorrow...


tami said…
Oh, I know just how you feel. My DD lives alone in Denver, about 2300 miles from home. We talk pretty much weekly by instant message, but if she doesn't respond to a message for one reason or another I really start to worry. All these news shows where people vanish. Who would tell me if she were missing? I'm sure they would notice at the dance studio, but no one there would know to call me.
When I tell her this she just laughs at me. They are invincible you know.
I have decided that I must have done a really really good job of raising independent, able-bodied kids - cause they really are and show me just how independent they are by not calling! Guess there is such a thing as doing a job too well...
LOL and they live in the same general area as I do!
Well, some day, when their kids are grown and do the same thing, maybe then they will understand how they drove their mother crazy!!

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