Three cheers for the Genius Bar

Apple Stores have a Genius Bar.... in store tech support for Mac's, iPods & if it's software related. Who knew... well, my nephews did because they told me. It took a couple weeks to find an appointment slot that worked with my schedule but WHOO HOO..... I'm back in business. They were able to fix my intermittent internet connection problem AND the photo card reader problem. The only thing they weren't able to help with was the Palm PDA link. I jokingly commented that I guess this means I need an iTouch or iPhone. His reply was "I couldn't live without my iPhone." Ah, youth. :c)

So I'm back... the computer issues were a big part of my absence. But that doesn't mean I've been twiddling my thumbs.

I'm loving my new job. I've come to the conclusion that the library was "neglected", for lack of a better word, for a while. With the help of my friend, we've scavenged good used copies of popular titles that were lacking. And 'my' kids are learning.... the readers come and visit me often and ask if there is anything new. :c)

Over the holiday break, I quilted A LOT! I prepped lots of hand work projects including 2 Woodland Creatures applique BOM's and the applique part of the last Pearl Pereira mystery quilt. I also quilted and applied the binding on Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush mystery quilt. Used torquoise thread and the panto Feelin Groovy. The point was to work on UFO's in 09. HA! The day I took Orange Crush off the longarm Bonnie announced a new mystery. Double Delight. It calls for 3 yards of double pink. Even though I'm not a pink person I just happened to have a 3 yard piece of pink. Plus all the other fabrics too. Guess I was meant to do this quilt. I've completed Steps 1 & 2 minus some of the trimming. I also did part of step 3 so I could put a couple blocks together. OMG.... I think this one is my favorite so far. I promise to post photos soon. I decided to use Bonnie's color scheme.

Now that my photo card reader is accessable again I have one more photo to share. We have 2 Ginkgo trees out front. They were planted at the same time yet one turns a dull yellow brown and the other turns this gorgeous gold....2-3 weeks after the first one is completely bare. This is what it looked like the week before Christmas. The following week there was a carpet of gold on the lawn. Smile stuff.


Nancy said…
Hi, it is really good to see you back. We have missed you.
Bonnies quilt looks great.

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