Good News

Wow. Another long break between posts. The really good news is my computer is back from the Apple doctor and is working like new so there is no excuse.

And I have more good news! My youngest has followed in her sibling's footsteps and done quite well at Academic Decathlon.Here's a photo of all the kids plus their coach and a few important county education mucky mucks after they won the county title last week. Next stop is the state competition in Sacramento in two weeks. Second from the left is 'Nas', their coach. The student next to Nas is Brian. Brian & my daughter (purple top, black jacket & blue jeans) have known each other for 6+ years and they both play trumpet. In fact, they both take lessons from the same instructor, play in the same band etc. By nature trumpet players are VERY competitive. See how Brian has lots of medals around his neck and is holding a certificate? He's 'off the charts' smart. He won 5 medals, 4 gold and one silver and the certificate is for being the 2nd highest scorer in his division. Now here's where the trumpet player thang comes in. Ace has fewer medals.... she got a bronze in Economics and ....... a gold in Music. You got it... Brian's one and only non-gold medal was in Music and Ace periodically asks him 'I forgot. Can you remind me what the silver was for?' to which she gets the icy cold Brian stare. Heehee....

I'm so proud of these kids. Go Lancers!!


Kathy A. said…
Are you coming to Sacramento with the kids? If so, let me know and we can do a quick meet up.

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