Life is good. Lots of peaks and valleys but generally good.

Blog posts - I don't know why I've been away so long. Perhaps I'm overthinking things. I need to revisit KISS. I do know I've been having fun reading others' blogs lately and so posting is a natural next step.

Highlights -

Kids in the photo (see last post) went to the state competition and did well, finishing mid pack. Woohoo. Funny aside.... I recently discovered a new teacher at our school (who I really, really like - probably because she knows more than I do on juvenile literature) is the mom of the red head standing next to Ace in that picture. Small world!

I completed another fun year working for the Padres. A month into the season one of our supervisors resigned due to being offered his dream daytime job. So I applied for the position along with a dozen or so coworkers. Mid June found me with a new job title "Captain". I LOVE the new role! I've got a funny story about the transition. See that 'A' to the left? I was supposed to get the letter B along with a pass key for access to certain areas of the ballpark. The letter A gets you access to the clubhouses among other things. Can't say I wasn't tempted (grin) but I also knew that would be my last day working there if I did. It sure didn't take them long to get me the correct letter B. I did snap a photo of the elite credential before they asked for it back tho.

Ace decided on a college and major.... Cal Poly - Landscape Architecture. I KNOW this is a very strenuous degree but I also know she is up to the challenge.

My DH was laid off and joined the masses scrambling for the few jobs out there. I feel so sad and frustrated for him because I know he feels even more so. We are hanging in there but this is definitely one of the valleys.

We went to Yosemite in June. Camped at the Wiwona Campground at the south end of the park and drove to the valley each day for lots of hiking. The last night there we stopped at Glacier Point to watch the sunset on the way back to our campsite. Ace took this photo. I need to find out if the resolution is good enough to enlarge it to poster size. That sunset was the crowning jewel on a wonderful visit. Yosemite is still one of my most favorite places and it was fun sharing it with our two girls.

Ace left for college in September and now we have an empty nest. What do you do with an empty nest? LOL We have two new furries. Maysie actually came to us before Ace left. Her trumpet teacher found the pup, a verrrry underweight stray Westie but couldn't keep her. We've fattened her up and she and Snoop are good buds. We lost Jasper a couple months ago and I could tell Cosmo was missing him something terrible so I brought home a shelter kitty. She's still new and time will tell if she warms up to the boys. Her name is Casi and she sure has won my heart. I will post photos of both in the future.

I have been quilting up a storm in the absence and will be posting details in the near future. In the interest of KISS.... that's all for now.


Judy Whitehead said…
Glad to see you back Karen! I've missed you!

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