Feeling better


The kids were all home for the holidays. It sure was fun to have them here all at once . . and fun to watch the dynamics change as they came and left. DD #1 is so good at pushing buttons. Ahhhh, I miss those days, NOT! LOL!

On the 2nd, Ace and I drove north, returning her to school for the winter quarter. The trip was one to forget. I can't remember it taking longer to drive the 350 miles but traffic was something else. Guess everyone else had the same idea as us.... try to get back a day early. Driving slower (aka crawling) gave us time to look around. Ace commented how many cars with Oregon plates were on the road. The reason finally clicked when we saw yellow feathers peaking out of one vehicle.....heehee, the Ducks had played in the Rose Bowl the day before.

Even though we arrived later than planned, we got her settled with some fresh supplies for her kitchen, text books picked up, etc. The big topic on campus was - which students were on academic probation. OUCH! Yes, her dorm apartment is at the top of a hill. Most of the hill is below the point of this photo. They'll be no freshman 15 for that girl.

I felt a sore throat coming on during the trip north. Long story short, I gradually got better till Thursday, then WHAM. Finally today, I'm able to eat again. Yay food.

Since my energy level is low, I've been playing with the blog. Hope you like the changes.


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