Harlequin Star

Hello Sunshiners! Here are photos of the January BOM during construction. If you're like me, a visual is helpful.

I don't know the origin of this block.... I saw a similar one in a photo and came up with my own version.

Fabrics: 1 light, 1 med #1, 1 med #2, 1 dark square
Step 1: I stacked all the fabrics for Step 1's cuts.
Step 2: Matching (2) light squares with (2)Med # 1 & (2)dark squares with (2)Med #2, make 4 (of each color paring) HST units. Square up.

Step 3: Trim down remaining med #1 & 2 blocks.
Step 4: Big apology here. Somehow the photos of the next units did not turn out but you should be able to figure out the construction of those upon seeing the following final layout of the units. Please call or email me at the numbers provided on your paperwork if you have questions..... here is the final layout. Happy stitching!


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